About me

Many of my friends joke that I’ve lived 20 lives. I laugh while nodding my head in agreement.

It certainly seems this way.

During my career journey I’ve worn many hats, among them nightclub owner, DJ, aerialist, Registered Nurse, private duty nurse for VIPs and celebrities, senior art consultant, wardrobe stylist, fashion show producer, event curator, writer, professional dresser, and brand strategist.

You may be wondering if underneath the novelty lies a commonality…

There are three brilliant threads of talent weaving their way through my many roles:

Authentic Expression

Memorable Connection

Meaningful Experience

Style, words, and experiences are my jam!

They’ve been the wind under my wings, flying me forward over and over again to the edges of imagination.

Media Bio

Gisela has had a lifelong love affair with fashion and personal style. This passion led her to study fashion design at Polimoda Istituto Internazionale, a premier design school in Florence, Italy. After working for several designers, she began fashion styling in Barcelona, Spain. Stylists create dreams and fantasies, telling a story through clothes, accessories, make-up, props, and locations.

In New York, Gisela’s been backstage at the biggest fashion shows including Chanel, Michael Kors, Tom Ford and Victoria’s Secret, dressing top models as a Pro dresser.

You can also find her front-of-house writing and covering shows and events for Fashion 360 Magazine and Fashion Week Online. Her powerful synergy of visual expertise and skilled wordsmithing ensure that she brings impact and elevation to your brand.

Style Connections

Gisela is a talented writer who brings her unique storytelling style to Fashion 360 Magazine. She engages our readers with her coverage of innovative brands and interviews with empowering entrepreneurs.

Ikponmwosa Edorisiagbon

Ikponmwosa Edorisiagbon

co-founder, Fashion 360 Magazine

Gisela’s dedication to excellence and eye for detail makes her invaluable backstage. We love her and so do the models.

Audrey Smaltz

Audrey Smaltz

Founder, The Ground Crew

Consider me a magical mirror for your Personal Brand,

reflecting a banquet of possibilities from which we will curate and create a multifaceted expression of YOU!