Create Your Brand Presence

Personal Branding + Communications Strategy for Entrepreneurs

As a Savvy Entrepreneur,

You know that image and words matter.

Are you going cray-cray trying to decide what clothing to put on your body and which words to use on the page?

Being able to communicate who you are and what you do can be challenging, especially if you are multi-faceted or unconventional.

We work together to bring your uniqueness front and center, and amplify it through style, narrative, and experiences.

Want to know more about me?

I work with you to


a visually compelling Personal Brand image.


your unique brand voice and narrative.


intriguing connection points for nurturing your clients and growing your audience.

Hit your target audience with…

  • Expertly curated visual storytelling
  • Distinctive brand messaging
  • Meaningful client experiences

No More…

  • Projecting an unremarkable presence.
  • Hiding in the shadows.
  • Vague messaging that connects with no one.
  • Bland and forgettable client interactions.
  • Superficial connections that fizzle and disappear.

Say Hello to…

  • Standout style that captures your personality and presence.
  • Stepping into your spotlight with boldness and power.
  • Unique, compelling, and persuasive messaging.
  • Engaging client interactions that leave them wanting more.
  • A solid foundation for visibility, connection, and growth.

Brand Connections

From her creativity and endless ideas to her high-level strategic thinking, Gisela is a true problem solver. She helped me pull together and integrate all the pieces of my brand into a cohesive next version that I am now evolving into.

Lisa Meta

Lisa Meta

Founder, metamorfize

Working with Gisela was joyous. Her ability to respect my work and generously enhance it with her perspective was priceless.

Mark Montano

Mark Montano

Author, Designer, DIYer

I want to help you shine.

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